Truthful outspit for IB World Teacher who feels sorely let down by her International School

Meeting with BIG BOSS

Not sure why I feel so short changed here.

What did Martin Luther King Jr. say?

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

BIG BOSS is sincere. He is. And he means so so well. And he’s intelligent. But there’s something not right.

I feel like I am  an expendible commodity. That shouldnt happen in the business of running a school. Perhaps less me than husband who is a mere mortal (classroom teacher), but it took a comment from him to make me see where the source of my feeling of being shortchanged came from.

Anyway. Its not about that. Its about me doing what I want to as a teacher. And where this all fits in is about the issue of “can we lead and inspire authenticity while also feigning authenticity every now and then?” because it seems I could lose some of my weight in the industry I find myself in if I remain totally authentic.

Perhaps that’s not it.Do I need to review what I happen to be authentic about? Ultimately , if I want to inspire good paractice and empowerment within out students by setting an example, well, I can be authentic about that. But when I reach a silly hurdle of people who are better off ignored, should I be authentic and make it an open issue? Or should I walk past them and get on with the real job at hand?

I think I know the answer.


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