Truthful outspit for IB World Teacher who feels sorely let down by her International School

Yesterday had a few victories

This was with my team. I seemed to have progressed with each and every person. The Dissenter agreed to meet and was openly productive without presenting an ounce of mistrust.
Too-busy-to-meet found time to block out space in the schedule tomorrow.
Scared-and-silent joined me experimenting with making something.
Two Cheerfuls were both still cheerful and I had a laugh with each.

And I think it was because of the following:
1) I came in to school in the morning with the aura of my affirmation around me “I live in the present moment and in that moment I am my absolute best”.
2) I let garbled issue of organising planning meetings be fluid, realised these guys take ages to reach emails and grabbed opportunities to approach face-to-face.
3) When I did see them, I was firm and direct about the need to meet and why. I heard the same arguments against and had an answer. It seemed to be enough to make it happen.

I was almost shaking after one of the encounters. It was so confrontational, in my eyes – even though, technically, it was only assertive. Because I was enforcing something I knew to be right under my leadership vision, but not something anyone else is doing. But it appeared to be received with – at worse – acceptance that I’m trying to achieve something, or – at best – respect for having a clearer opinion than previously credited for.

The meeting was as constructive an MYP Unit planning meeting as there ever was one. We ended up sharing opinions and appreciating different viewpoints. Best is that we could both see that the guiding questions we had inherited were uninspiring and that we had not nailed the topic enough to know what they should be:) So we will revisit at a later stage of the cycle. Fantastic 🙂 The cycle is in motion.

What else – my lessons weren’t bad. The students were distracted with the first day, but it was nice to Boss to see me with a practical the very first lesson. The kids were in the midst of discussion and engagement. All that stuff. I looked good.


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