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Today’s Affirmation

I live in the present moment,

and in that moment,

I am my absolute best.


My optimistic MYP Unit Plan

As a bit of an MYP geek, it made sense to me to try to analyse today’s  personal burning issues in the form of a Stage 1 Unit planner.

At the moment, the lack of MYP mindset in our school and the false claims that we make is driving me nuts. The negativity and anti-‘concept’ nature of certain staff members is something I need to not be angry about. Hopefully writing about this will help me to see clearly.

My (Optimistic) MYP Plan

AOI:    Human Ingenuity and Environment
Significant Concept:

            – Inspiring learning and leadership spreads virally
Guiding Questions:
            – Which key moments lead to developing trust in leaders in the school workplace?
– How can inspiration be expressed so that it is contagious in a positive way?
I’m finding it very hard, right now, to remain inspired. Quite the opposite, in fact. I’ve been snapping at people and feeling like there really is no hope. I guess the larger picture is that even if teachers aren’t MYP, they can still teach kids.
Trouble is, we can’t build a curriculum with teachers not being anywhere on the same page.

No wifi ? Respond in triplicate.

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